My Massive Failure and How I Bounced Back

podcast Jan 02, 2024

One of my goals is to change is the conversation from sex addiction and porn addiction to sexual health. I think that shift is very, very important. So us men and women too can move beyond sobriety to healthy because I think I know that that shift, that movement is the solution is the solution I like to preach. The cure is the aggressive pursuit of a great life. And you'll see that today, particularly when we talk about failure. The other goal of my podcast or this broadcast is to provide practical, actionable advice, practical, actionable, actionable, that means you can do something about it, and to help you drive systemic change, to help you change your habits and belief systems. And of course, another goal is to promote my programs. If you are struggling with compulsive sexual behavior and you need a punch in the face kind of program that's going to shake things up, check out our programs listed in the sidebar on this blog.

Now, in the spirit of driving systemic change, today we're going to talk about failure. I have failed recently. It's rattled me. It has me inflicted with the bite of imposter syndrome, and it's made me feel bad about myself. And it's obviously impacted me showing up for these broadcasts because it just has dialed down my self-confidence. And let's agree just going into this, how we respond to failure is massively impactful, massively impactful. Now, thank God I have my coaching for that boost, for that bump. I'm blessed to be great at what I do. I'm a master at my craft for the right guy and having that lift, having that lift makes it easier. I noticed that I is I could go from failure mode to boom, on feeling good, good chemicals in the brain.

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