IFS and 6F's Getting to Know a Part You Hate

podcast Jan 02, 2024

I just completed the first round of my IFS training. IFS stands for Internal Family Systems. If you do not know what the IFS model is, I implore you to research Richard Schwartz. If you have the means to get an Internal Family Systems therapist, if you're not working with me, if you're not a member of one of my programs, it is very important to know this model. This model, I believe, is changing psychology. And we're going to talk about an important part of this model today, because in this broadcast, I am going to teach you how to kill, how to destroy, how to terminate your addict part once and for all.

Now, for those of you who know me, hopefully you know where this is going. For those of you that don't, I'm excited to take you on this journey. You can look up the Internal Family Systems. They have a website, the IFS Institute. You can ask your therapist if he or she has experienced in this model. This model will change the way you think about your compulsive sexual behavior. Rob and Jewel, what's up? Saying hi to my friends who are joining me live. And if, by the way, you want to join me live on these broadcasts, you can subscribe to me at YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and you'll get notifications of when I get live, and you can join me. We've actually had someone for the first time, join me in one of these broadcasts.

But let's get back to killing, and destroying, and crushing. Give me some other words. What do you want to do to this part of you that has ruined your life? What do you want to do to this part of you that is responsible for the lying to your partner? That's responsible for your ability to compartmentalize and keep these secrets? And you know what you do when you keep those secrets, right? You know what this addict part does. You know what this addict part thinks. You know how this addict part feels. You know how this addict part has impacted your life. Let's assess. Let's assess. Some of you, this addict part has brought you to your knees emotionally and physically. It may have exposed you to disease if you were acting out physically. It certainly sucked the life out of you in terms of your self esteem. How do you feel about that part of you?

And so what we're going to do, we're going to explore how you feel about that part of you. And we're going to do a little meditation on this addict part of you. Let's get started.

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