SELF-STUDY - Michelle & Craig's Couple's Growth & Healing Bootcamp

Coaching Couple Craig & Michelle Teach You How To use Conflict AS A CATALYST To Bring You, The Couple, Closer Together.

Use The Crisis That Brought You Here To Create A Greater Relationship And Move From Betrayal Towards Love, Intimacy, and Connection with Craig and Michelle's Six Week Self-Study Couples Bootcamp.

Program Details:

When: Self-Study Program; At Your Pace

Start Date: ASAP

Length: 6 weeks (if you do the assignments as scheduled)

Where: Online/Self-Study

Video Instructors: Coaches Michelle & Craig Perra

Who is this program for? 

  1. Couples struggling to move forward after betrayal trauma from sex addiction or porn addiction.
  2. Couples not early in recovery.
  3. Couples who have chosen to move towards each other.
  4. Couples who may have crises but are not in crisis.
  5. Members of either Craig's Men's Group Coaching Program or The Partner Empowerment Group.
  6. A solid understanding of the following concepts: the habit cycle, space, trigger response plan, subpersonalities, and the voice dialogue technique.

Lessons are delivered via video recording.

Why The Bootcamp?

Here's what we've learned over the course of the almost past decade. 

The fact is ... love is hard. It's scary. And no one told us how to do it. Now let's throw betrayal trauma smack dab on top of it. 

Pardon the obvious, but it’s ridiculously hard for couples to recover from the betrayal of sex &/or porn addiction. Yet growth is mandatory if your relationship is to move beyond triggerville and actually be happy, in love, and thrive. And it's our experience that you need a path.

And Michelle and Craig are truly honored to share with you the core of our most critically important couple's lessons and exercises designed to change the literal foundation of your relationship.

You need tools to move forward, and you need to learn how to use the tools together … to grow closer.

The truth is that conflict is a great teacher. Conflict is the catalyst to create much needed change and we have a path to help you embrace this reality.

This crisis forces couples to look at challenges from a new perspective, a perspective rooted in emotional safety, vulnerability, and intimacy. 

What Is The Couple's Growth & Healing Bootcamp?

The Mindful Habit® Couple’s Group Coaching Program is designed to fundamentally change the way you respond to conflict in your relationship, in a way that moves you towards each other, instead of away. Since conflict is inevitable, learn to use it to grow in powerful ways. 

It consists of a 6 week powerful self-study course to help you learn to use conflict to grow closer together. Each week Coaches Craig and Michelle will teach a video (not live) lesson online with a worksheet that details the assignments that you will complete on your own.  

What Are The Features Of The Program:

  1. Weekly Video Lesson - taught by Michelle and Craig
  2. Weekly Assignments to complete on your own together

The goal of this program is to fundamentally shift the foundation of your relationship. This program is going to teach you how to prioritize your relationship and open  your mind to the amazing ways this crisis can make your relationship better than before.