Powerful Coaching With George or Adrian

The Mindful Habit® System is an evidence based behavior modification system designed to rapidly increase self control, emotional intelligence, the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life. It’s an Action Oriented, Goal Centric and Structured attack on your compulsive sexual behaviors. The goal - healthy sexuality and a great life. 

For men of all faiths and none - it is a science based secular program. It’s rooted in the science of habits, mindfulness, healthy sexuality & success. Clients quickly learn tools to respond to their biologically hardwired triggers to get their needs met in a healthy and constructive way. My men learn how to show up authentically in their relationship and create long term success.

The Mindful Habit® is very different than the static and unchanged disease based model of addiction - an 80 year old program invented to treat alcohol. It is not 12 Steps in any way. 

How Will Personal Coaching Help Me?

The Mindful Habit® System delivers a powerful behavior change system to help our clients quickly create the change that they need in their life. This is done through creating a high level of:

  • Self Control
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Relationship & Communication Skills
  • How to Create Long Term Success


The Mindful Habit’s 1 on 1 coaching programs are powerful and transformative. This program is for men who need more intense individual support. Our coaches work with each man individually to create change, healthy sexuality and a great life. 

We've been featured on The Katie Couric Show, The Steve Harvey Show, the BBC, Lifetime TV, The TD Jakes Show and more. We have a 5 Star Excellent Rating on public review site TrustPilot.com. Read our reviews and testimonials here

Our Personal Coaching Program Includes:

  • Intensive Personal 12 Week Training with a MH Certified Coach
  • 2 Break Through Sessions per Week - 1 full session & a mid week check in
  • Phone, Text & Email Support  - between sessions as needed 
  • 175 page Hardcover Workbook to assist in lessons & exercise

 Here at The Mindful Habit  we pride ourselves on achieving results for our clients. We have all gone through and overcame our own struggles and now are passionate about empowering other men and women to create their own great life!

The Mindful Habit coaches are here to support you on your journey to success and they help you create those powerful results quickly! 

If you are looking for more support and an intense coaching experience, sign up today for personal life coaching with one of The Mindful Habit coaches! 


A Message From Our Founder, Coach Craig:

I am so proud of the work Coach George and Coach Adrian are doing with their clients. I trust these men with my life and know that they can add significant value to your recovery efforts quickly - that's why they work for me.

I only hire the best. Both George and Adrian struggled with compulsive sexual behavior and were clients of mine. 

I knew right away that each of these men had a gift and when they completed their recovery work I asked them if they wanted to become Certified Mindful Habit® Coaches and the rest is history. 

I'm proud to have George and Adrian on my team and personally guarantee that your coach will profoundly change your life in 30 days or we will return every cent. I like the pressure of this guarantee - you're paying for results, not a friend - and we are obsessed with results. 

Embrace Your Power Of Choice With

The Mindful Habit® System!