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Founded by executive/lawyer/sex, drug, and porn addict, The Mindful Habit® System is a behavior change modality based on the science of habits (which control our lives), mindfulness (which is literally changing the world) and success (healthy sexuality and a great life). 

It is a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured path to accomplish two very specific goals: healthy sexuality and a great life. This is NOT counseling, therapy, or a 12 Step based (Sex Addicts Anonymous) program. 

The Mindful Habit® System is a powerful way to take control of your life back from sex addiction and porn addiction. The System leverages the science of habits, mindfulness, healthy sexuality and success to drive improvements in all life areas. It provides you with teachings, tools, and techniques to help heal the root cause of your compulsive behavior and implement actions and belief systems to drive long term success.  The disease based model of addiction does little to promote sexual health and great lifestyle habits necessary to thwart sex addiction and porn addiction.

Working with Craig personally is a truly powerful and life changing experience!


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  • 175+ Hardcover Workbook -  to assist with lessons & assignments
  • 3 Months Free Partner Support - 3 months membership into our Partner Empowerment Group for your partner
  • Long Term Support Available - after your 12 weeks is complete we offer a powerful community of men aggressively pursuing great lives. 


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