Enhanced Accountability Program

Enhance and Accelerate Your Pursuit of a Great Life

The Mindful Habit Enhanced Accountability Program is an important program for some men in their journey to move beyond their sex &/or porn addiction to living a great life. Our EAP is a structured accountability program that provides support through focused one-on-one coaching to drive results.

  • Do you want more structure and support?
  • Do you want a professional life coach to personally answer your questions?
  • Do you want an accountability partner?
  • Do you want one on one coaching from an expert trained personally by Coach Craig Perra in The Mindful Habit System?
  • Do you want an affordable and powerful way to supplement your journey through this program?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Enhanced Accountability Program is here to provide you with that extra support. Men who enroll in the program will work with one of our Certified TMH Coaches.

Our coaches work with men all over the world helping them regain their power of choice and pursue a great life. In this program, your coach will act as your personal coach & accountability partner. 

The Enhanced Accountability Program includes:

  • Personal Weekly Session:  weekly 1 on 1 session - 25 minutes per week  (or 1 x 50 minute session every other week).
  • Accountability Partner:  your EAP Coach will be your accountability partner if you use technology to track and/or block your internet habits.
  • Email Support - Assistance and encouragement as needed from your EAP coach on your path to recovery via email throughout the week. (up to 3 emails per week). 
  • Detailed Review Of Your Work:  your EAP coach will provide feedback and assistance  of your work in the program and answers to your questions regarding your progress.

It's a powerful program to give you that extra support in your journey toward healthy sexuality. Get the extra accountability and support that you need to get through the program.

To make sure that it is a fit we are offering you 50% off the first month so you can try out this Accountability Program!