Core Training Recovery Program

The Mindful Habit System® is a science based, action oriented, goal centric and structured attack on your sex and/or porn addiction. This is NOT counseling, therapy, or a 12 Step Based program. It's masculine, power-based, and revolutionary. The real magic with this program is the dynamic combination of habits, mindfulness and action -  coupled with revolutionary tools, techniques and structure.

This 16 week training program is about so much more than stopping your addiction, it's about truly creating the life you want. A life where you achieve the success you deserve.

My name is Craig Perra and I am the founder of The Mindful Habit System to End Sex & Porn Addiction. I personally struggled with sex and porn addiction. Hitting rock bottom forced me to challenge the traditional recovery modalities that never completely worked for me. I knew there were better and quicker ways to drive positive results in addition to and beyond traditional 12 step programs and the disease based model of addiction. 

I leveraged my executive background in corporate training to build this best in class e-learning program – it’s structured and foundational – each lesson builds on the other. Within each lesson, there exists clearly defined learning objectives, goals, and exercises, to ensure that you make progress.

Our 16-Week Core Training Recovery Program Will Empower You To:

    • Master your habit cycle and use tools to "hack or disrupt" your habit/addiction cycle 
    • Use metrics to eliminate compulsive behavior, accomplish goals and drive results
    • Transform your powerful sexual energy into creating a great life
    • Master your triggers and no longer be a slave to them
    • Retrain your mind to naturally and automatically eliminate the urge to watch porn so you WANT to choose healthy habits
    • Use your biologically hard wired triggers to drive positive actions
    • Move past historical traumas and other drivers or your compulsive behavior
    • Define and create healthy sexuality and intimacy in your life
    • Master powerful mindfulness techniques to reduce compulsive cravings and increase well being
    • Create a structured life plan to capture the life you want
    • Create mission critical "infrastructure" in your life, just like successful companies do, to make freedom permanent
    • Embrace your power of choice

This Online Training Program Includes:

  • 34 Video Lessons  - designed to step by step walk you through The Mindful Habit System
  • Access to our Webinar Q&A series with TMH coaches  -  A weekly webinar Q&A event that provides an opportunity to ask questions on your recovery & about applying the lessons your are learning in the program
  • Digital Copy of the Mindful Habit Workbook  -  digital copy of our workbook that compliments each video lesson
  • Additional Exercises to Help You Apply These Teachings  -  each video lesson has exercises and assignments to help you apply these tools & techniques to help you change your life
  • Bonus #1 - Partner Survival Guide   -  a digital guide to help your partner learn to manage this crisis
  • 16 Weeks of unlimited access to give you time to complete the program


There is so much more that you will learn through The Mindful Habit System.  Because this program is habit based, it is not limited to compulsive sexual behavior or addictions. It applies to any aspect of your life where you want to improve. 

Try The Mindful Habit System today. We give you 16 weeks to complete the program.  I am so confident that this will start you on the path to ending your sex &/or porn addiction that I offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. You have literally nothing to lose, and so much to gain!


Join the REVOLUTION of Men Reclaiming Their Sexuality. This Program Will Change Your Life!