The Mindful Habit® Workbook

This workbook is your step by step guide to set you free from sex & porn addiction. It is the same workbook used by Craig's 1 on 1 clients and by the men in our Group Coaching Program.

The workbook is best used in conjunction with the video lessons and our coaching programs, however, if you are looking to understand what makes us so successful and learn practical tools that will impact your life quickly then this is a great place to start.

 Owning a physical copy of the workbook is a great way to keep The Mindful Habit® System front and center in your life. 


The Workbook Includes:

  • The entire Mindful Habit® System taught to Craig's personal clients.

  • A step-by-step guide to increase your self control, elevate your self awareness, create healthy sexuality and learn how to make your success last

  • 175 Pages of tools, teachings & techniques that will change your life.

  • 40+ Exercises to ensure your able to apply what you are learning into your life



This workbook can only be ordered and shipped if you live within the US.