How do I take the program?

We cover this in detail on the TMH home page and in Video 1 & 2. Read the home section carefully and make sure to watch those 2 videos right away. 

Also, be sure to schedule your free coaching session with Coach George using this link (one session is included with your enrollment in this program). He's going to help you get everything you can out of the platform.

Watch the videos, read and then do the exercises in the workbook. This is a structured program. You'll find the syllabus at the beginning of the workbook and attached to the first few lessons. 

Also, participate in the weekly group calls. It's important to attend at least 2 group calls each week when you start. We encourage you to attend as many calls as you feel you need. They are there to support you. Be sure to give every coach a chance so you can experience what each coach provides.

And engage in our support community. Reaching out and connecting with your fellow brothers is an important part of this journey. 


Why can't I access all of the videos immediately?

I modeled this program off of my one on one coaching program. The Mindful Habit System is a foundational program, meaning the lessons build on each other. To help keep you focused, we've decided to "drip" content to you at specific times.

This ensures that you complete the work as assigned and don't get distracted with future lessons. Stay focused and trust the system.


How do I participate in the Group Coaching Calls?

Great question. These calls are super important. We know statistically, the men who participate in these calls perform over 50% better than those who do not. You can access these calls via smartphone (app), landline, mobile phone, or desktop. That means you can join these calls as long as you have wi-fi or access to a phone signal.

Click here to see the schedule for the calls and specific instructions on how to access them.


How do I join the Support Community?

We have a forum that you can find here - https://themindfulhabit.discussion.community/

Our support community is our communication hub and you will get access to the forum when you sign up. Your user name is your email address and you can always reset your password if you forget it. 


How do I schedule my free session with Coach Craig and Coach George?

Included in your membership, is a free coaching call with Coach George and Coach Craig. 

Scheduling your call with Coach George:  We recommend that you schedule your call with Coach George as soon as you sign yup for the program. He's going to show you around the platform and make sure you are taking the program the right way.

Schedule your free coaching session with Coach George - Schedule with George.

Scheduling your call with Coach Craig:  You may schedule this call anytime, however, Craig recommends that you schedule the call once you've been in the program for 3 -4 weeks and have completed your work around the habit cycle and voice dialogue. This way, your session is productive and powerful.

Here's the link to schedule your session with Coach Craig but be sure you've completed your habit cycle work, your voice dialogues, and your summary worksheets - Schedule With Craig


What do I do if I need more accountability and support?

We've got you covered. Different people need different levels of support. If you feel stuck or need more accountability and support consider joining Coach Adrian's Enhanced Accountability Program. Click here to read more about it. Essentially, you get your own personal accountability coach who is going to review your work and ensure that you are on track for only $99.00 per month.

Each of our coaches also offer individual one on one coaching package. I encourage your to get to know each one via their group coaching calls.


Once I have paid for the program how long do I have access to everything?

Ongoing maintenance and support is critical. That's why you have access for the life of this program. As long as it''s here, you have access to the group calls, videos, workbook and secret Facebook group.  


How can I get my partner TMH support as well?

Partners definitely need support as well. And the need the right kind of support, support that will help them ... not keep them stuck.   We have created an online membership group for partners as well. This group is led by Coach Tara and Coach Craig. Here is a link for your partner to become a member of TMH Partner Empowerment Group


Is it true that you offer a 30 day money back guarantee?

Yes we do. We want you to try the program with no risk. Our goal is for this program to change y our life. We do offer a firm 30 day money back guarantee.

If you don't like it or you find it just isn't right for you then email support within your first 30 days and we will gladly refund what you have paid. Just remember, you won't have access to the materials after your refund.


How do I contact support?

Use the link below to contact support. Please give us 24 - 48 hours to respond. 

Contact Support Here


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