Is Your Partner Suffering From A Porn Or Sex Addiction? You're Not Alone...


Have You Found Yourself Thinking:

“I don’t know what to do”

We do. All of our coaches have been impacted by sex & porn addiction. Coach Craig, our founder, has been empowering men and their partners for 7 years using the principles of The Mindful Habit® System. Coach Sandy, the ex-partner of a sex & porn addict, also a registered psychotherapist and Certified Mindful Habit Coach, and Craig  will move you from trauma and betrayal to a place of empowerment.

“I have nobody to talk to”

Do you feel completely alone and unable to talk to anyone about what you’re going through? You don't have to suffer alone. Now you have us and the other partners in this community.  The Partner Empowerment Group provides support, expert advice, motivation, tools, exercises, and a community to help you heal and grow.

“Nobody knows what I’m going through”

We do. The other partners in the program know. Coach Craig has been working with partners for 7 years. It’s his mission to empower partners to survive and thrive after the hell he put his wife, Michelle through. Coach Sandy knows what you’re going through too. Her ex-husband struggled with sex addiction and refused to get help so she left him.

“This is his problem to deal with. I don’t need to do anything”

Respectfully, this way of thinking is flawed and it's keeping you stuck. If you were physically injured, would you refuse medical help? If you tore a muscle, would you refuse to get physical therapy? No, of course not. You've been traumatized, lied to and hurt in ways that are hard to even describe ... and going it alone is too hard and things can actually get worse without help. There's actual things you can do to make your life better. We have a path to help you heal and grow.

The Mindful Habit® System Provides Support & Solutions

The Mindful Habit System is a structured, goal-centric behavior change system designed to provide you with tools to empower you on this harrowing journey. It will help you set boundaries, heal, move forward, manage anger, get your needs met, discover and live your life’s purpose and … most importantly, become empowered.


How Can The Mindful Habit - Partner Empowerment Group Help You?

  • Teaches You An Empowerment Centered Approach To Survive & Thrive

  • Learn To Heal Step by Step From Betrayal Trauma And Regain Your Center

  • Better Understand Your Partner’s Addiction so You're Empowered to Make The Right Decisions

  • Expert Advice From People Who Have Been There And Healed and Know What You’re Going Through

  • A Mission Crucial Community Support To Connect With Other Women & TMH Coaches

  • This Structured Path Towards Healing Provides You With Specific Lessons To Manage Discovery & Disclosure

  • Tools To Move Forward With Or Without Your Partner

  • A Science-Based Shame Free Program that’s Not Religious To Learn Tools That Actually Work

Powerful Training

A step by step, easy to follow, but powerful path to empower you heal and grow. 20+ video lessons, 20+ worksheets and exercises, 30+ calls in our recording library, workbook (coming soon)

Expert Advice

Expert advice from a team who’s been there. Three (3) weekly interactive moderated group calls, team chat, and daily support in our forum for expert guidance each step of the way

Mindfulness Training

A weekly online class (recordings available) to sharpen your mindfulness game so you are less reactive, have more control and feel better to accelerate your healing

Community Forum

A private secure place to get  helpful advice from your coaches, support from other partners, feedback on your work and to heal in powerful ways in community with others

Read What Others Are Saying

Verified Authentic Reviews from Real Clients

This program is absolutely amazing! When I try to describe it to my closest friends/family, it is indescribable. There are [] coach led group phone calls each week where a topic is discussed and you are encouraged to participate, share where you are in the program or ask questions. There are 20-40 videos (depending on which program you are doing) that have homework assignments, worksheets to fill out and answers are posted on a forum to be reviewed by a life coach.

The accountability piece is AWESOME and the tools provided can be used for the rest of your life in all areas of your life, not just for the particular addiction you are struggling with.

My husband and I have struggled with the same issues for 30 years. We have separated, done individual counseling and couples counseling, but nothing worked for us.

I had made my mind up that I was not going to continue to live my life the way I had been living it. I was exhausted mentally and emotionally and was taking a final stance once and for all. Although I loved my husband very much and I had no doubt in my mind that he loved me, I finally made my mind up to divorce him, simply because I did not know what else to do.

About 6 weeks after asking my husband to leave and living apart from one another, I found this program online while searching for an inpatient/outpatient sex addiction program (which were outrageously priced and I was not impressed with the reviews). After watching the video of Craig and Michelle Perra on the Katie Couric show I immediately shared the link with my husband.

He connected with it and called the number. He left a message and Craig called him back within five minutes. They talked for twenty minutes, Craig answered his questions and even gave him his personal cell phone number and told my husband that he was available 24/7 if he needed him. He also told him to give the number to me and have me call him. He explained that this program was a lifetime program and as long as he was living and was doing this program he could call him on his cell. He sent my husband a couple of text messages that day to encourage him and to check on him. My husband was in a very very low point in his life. 

I called the same day, but there was no answer, I left a message and I sent Craig a text. He immediately texted me back and said he was very busy with lots of calls coming in that day, but he would be available in an hour and a half. I tried back, but did not get him. I texted him again and told him I would try to catch up with him later. I will never forget what he said, “no, let’s nail down a specific time for tomorrow because the same thing could happen if we don’t and I know what is at stake here”.

We talked the next day for thirty minutes on the phone.

He was honest and blunt with me, which I loved. He told me “don’t believe anything that comes out of your husband’s mouth. Every time he makes a promise to you, just look at him and say, prove it”. He encouraged me and he stressed the importance of putting myself first and doing good self care during a time when I was struggling like I had never struggled before. I could tell he was genuinely interested in making a difference in my husband’s and my life after our first conversation.

I signed up for the Partner Empowerment Program that day while talking to Craig and my husband signed up within the next couple of days (only because he had to get an email account set up first). We were both blown away by his energy, excitement, availability, down to earth approach and his ability to provide us with hope for our future, whether that would be together or separate.

We have been working the program since November 1, 2018 and have not looked back. I have already seen amazing changes in my husband that I thought I would never see and I am changing as well. We still have a long ways to go, but I am very excited to see what the future holds for us and I believe this program is saving our marriage!

Thank you Craig and Michelle (and Tara, George, Adrian and Eric). We cannot say enough good about the program and ALL of you!

Melissa, 12/31/2018 (click here to read the full testimonial on

I found The Mindful Habit, and eventually Craig and then Tara when I was hurt, lost, scared, confused, upset, mad, a combination of hurtful feelings. I knew immediately after my initial call with Craig and his direct approach, I wanted to learn more from them.

After three months I'm in a much better place totally from their work and look forward to continuing to grow. I've learned much about my partner, the various aspects of life that potentially brought us to this place.

They are supportive of both parties separately in their own personal healing and growth, whatever that looks like for each of us. No judgement, ever.

While the topic of their program is quite frankly a taboo subject in normal situations, the truth is it's happening more than we'd like to believe and unfortunately makes it difficult to discuss to most friends, family and colleagues.

Their regular group coaching calls and online presence of assistance tools have been so supportive and helpful in my healing, understanding and growth. Thank you so much!

Lisa, 11/14/2018, click here to read Lisa's full testimonial on

I am the partner of a porn addicted husband. We have been married for 10 years and have two little girls. He has been addicted for about 30 years and it’s been about 7 years since I first found out about it, since then he had tried different ways to sort things out - from denial to the 12 steps, but everything led him to relapse again and again.

The last time I walked into him I was ready to file for divorce and as I was trying f to keep on gaining more understanding of the situation I heard one of Craig’s podcast that really spoke to my situation, so I found more information about his program and ultimately led to me joining the partner’s program and my husband joining the intimacy disorder program.

For the addiction, I have seen my husband digging much much deeper and making changes in many different aspects of his life. He feels the program spoke to his challenges from the first time he spoke with Craig - and it’s not really about the porn (though I wouldn’t divorce him for the other character flaws - ie: inability to establish goals or make long term plans or follow thru with one established).

Craig is really always there as a guide and resource - super quick to respond to any sort of queries and flexible to connect with. It has not been a long while since my husband joined the program so I cannot attest to the program’s long term efficacy, but If my husband does decide to change his life, I think this is the program that would give him the tools and resources.

As for the partners program, we have quite a few weekly calls where we share with each other how we are feeling, what’s going on in our hurt worlds. We are given tools to move forward and track our own progress. It’s been a great resource too because, as partners, we tend to feel alone in our own struggle with deceit and lack of trust for the person we once decided to share our lives with.

The program helps us empower ourselves and do our much needed self-care.

Highly recommend this program!

Milena, 10/28/18, read Milena's full testimonial here on

This is such an amazing program! It saved our marriage! My husband has a very crazy schedule. This program works perfect for that.

All the counseling is either over the phone or computer making it very convenient! Craig has been a wonderful counselor! He knows exactly what Is going on with your husband! He’s heard it all, and knows how to deal with whatever is going on. They have great counseling for the wives to help them to heal, and understand what’s really going on with their husband. By the end you’ll have a stronger, healthier marriage!

Lori, 10/3/18, read Lori's testimonial on

Using videos, worksheets, a workbook, group coaching calls, and a community forum, we'll lead you on your journey from broken to empowered. You’ll get powerful insights into why your partner does what he does, but most importantly - you will become EMPOWERED.


Frequently Asked Questions

Just like a physical injury needs rehabilitation, mental injuries and betrayal trauma need structured attention also. This means that you have to work in order to be successful in this program. It's not backbreaking work, but it will touch your soul if done correctly.

It's not a passive support group. 

The women who got the results you read about above participated in the group calls, watched the training videos, completed the worksheets and asked questions ... often.

They took charge of their lives, set healthy boundaries, focused on self care, learned how to meet their core emotional needs, and took charge of their healing. 

We intentionally take a partner centric approach to your healing and growth. That's why it's called the Partner Empowerment Program. 

No, it is a science based, secular program. Women of all faiths and women of no faith are equally welcome. 

Spiritually means different things to different people, and while we recognize its importance, and love helping clients enhance their spirituality, this program is rooted in science. 

For many, this is a welcome and refreshing shift, especially for those men and women involved with programs that only make you feel worse, shamed, and embarrassed. 

A resounding and unequivocal maybe. I say "maybe" because not every program is for everyone. It's critical for him to connect with Coach Craig and his approach. For these men, the results are life changing. You can read about the results we've helped men create here on independent review site

Our most popular program is Craig's Group Coaching Program. You can read about it here

Yes, but only if you (the partner) complete the work in the Partner Empowerment Group and he completes the work in the Men's Program. We've learned over time that this dramatically increases success.

As I hope you can tell, we are obsessed with results and we know what's required to create successful outcomes.

At that means you both need to do the work. We only do what works here and what’s going to produce your desired result.

We find that our success rate skyrockets when the partner takes care of herself first.

To be eligible for Coach Craig’s Couple’s Program (launching in April 2019), the man must complete Craig’s Group Coaching Program and the women must complete this program, The Partner Empowerment Program.

I want to be crystal clear, not every program is for everyone. It's very important for us to be upfront about this. You must find the right program for you.

This program is for you if you want a structured path move forward (solutions) and expert advice to coach and inspire you along the way (support).

This program provides support AND solutions to empower you to use this crisis to elevate ... to empower yourself and to grow.

And you have to work and participate if it's going to work.

We know not every program is for everyone and that's why you have 30 days to try the program risk free. And you can cancel anytime. 

It takes approximately 12 weeks to complete the lessons if you are following our easy schedule. That being said, you are free to go at your own pace.

And since you pay monthly (after your free first month), you can continue to participate in the calls, forum, etc ... as long as you are getting value.

And you can cancel anytime.

Our philosophy is that it doesn't take years to create significant results if given the right tools, teachings and techniques.

And for the right person, these lessons are life changing. 

You need guidance. You need expert advice. You need people to talk to who know what you’re going through. You need to understand your broken partner. You need tools. You need a path towards healing.


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