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The 4 Pillars of Recovery and A Great Life

Addiction 2.0. It's time to evolve!

The disease based model of addiction does little to create healthy sexuality and a great life - a critical outcome if you want to be sober, sane, and successful long term. Do NOT trust your future and your family to an 80 year old disease based recovery model. You must create and build something special if you want true freedom from sex addiction and porn addiction.

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Not Doing the "Thing"

Obsessing over not doing the "thing" (porn or other behaviors) only gives that "thing" more power over you. This principle literally violates the golden rule of behavior modification.

To Break a Habit ...

You have to make a habit. This is a scientific fact. This means that your success in not doing the "thing" is a function of you doing something else. Is your recovery focused on ACTION?


Are you doing what it takes to create long term sustainable results? Or do you stumble over and over again? Learn a structured way to break free.


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